Merry & Bright: Five Tips for Preserving Family Heirlooms

I have to admit it—I'm a Grinch. 

I've always been this way. I think of the holidays as a time to get through, though I appreciate a celebration of warmth, light, and love in the middle of the winter.

The holiday season can be tough for some of us. It's a time of reflection for all the experiences of the past year, good and bad. The season makes us think of family memories, which can be a source of happiness and sadness. 

When I organize archives for clients, I'm struck by how little of today's messages are physical. For example, in a folder of my late father's correspondence to me, I only have two short printed-out emails. Nothing handwritten, nothing not born-digital. I treasure those special emails, but how I wish that they were written in his script!

In the spirit of keeping it real, I'm sending readers a handy cheat sheet, Five Tips for Preserving Family Heirlooms, to shine a little light during a time that can be emotional for us all. "Real" is the key word, because as much as our lives are digital, the tangible world—the real—excites us and connects us as humans. The cheat sheet is limited to the first 50 people that reply. 

If you are interested in receiving the cheat sheet, please fill out the form below. (This information will be used for no other purpose and will not be shared, sold, or any other action that would put me on Santa's naughty list). 

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