Facebook Live: Preserve Your Books

Join me this Sunday, September 24th at 9 pm EST via Facebook Live on my Creating Family Archives group page. If you're not already a member, come join the fun!

All you need to do to join me is click this link and watch the video on Facebook at 9 pm EST. (Don't live in the Eastern time zone? Convert your time zone here).

Bound volumes of yearbooks, ledgers, journals, Bibles, and commercially produced books tell stories about our families. Books are composed of diverse materials, such as paper, cloth, leather, paste, and glue, which deteriorate at different rates. Like all organic materials, these elements are vulnerable to the conditions and changes in the environment in which they are retained.

Books can be treated similarly to scrapbooks and albums, without the additional preservation problems caused by mixed materials. Many rare or unique editions may have intrinsic or sentimental value in your family collections. Learning how to care for your historical books will allow you to pass on your valuable library to your children and grandchildren. In this session, I'll teach you how to best preserve your books and bound volumes. 

 To participate, please join my group, Creating Family Archives here: https://www.facebook.com/groups/CreatingFamilyArchives/

To learn the preservation secrets used by libraries, archives, and museums to protect their priceless materials (that you can also use for your family heritage items) read my book:

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