Call for Panelists: When Bad Things Happen to Good Librarians

I'm excited to serve on SLA's Emergency Preparedness & Recovery Advisory Council (EPRAC)I've included our call for panelists below. Do you know anyone interested in sharing their stories with fellow information professionals? If you have any questions, please leave comments or email me at

When Bad Things Happen to Good Librarians

Has your library been affected by a fire, flood, earthquake, or hurricane? Threatened by an active shooter or civil disturbance? Served as a shelter in a storm? Emergencies like these can not only bring library services to a grinding halt—they can also destroy collections, compromise critical technology, and even endanger employees and patrons.

Nobody understands the scope and severity of such challenges like people who have experienced them. If you’ve experienced a disaster or emergency situation in your library, please consider sharing it with your fellow librarians at SLA 2018.

The SLA Emergency Preparedness & Recovery Advisory Council (EPRAC) is sponsoring a panel presentation, “In the Eye of the Storm: Librarians Share Their Emergency Lessons,” on Tuesday, June 12. The session will last one hour, and panelists will have 10-12 minutes apiece to share their insights into planning for emergencies, responding during the midst of crises, and recovering from disruption and loss.

If you’re interested in sharing your emergency experiences, please contact Stuart Hales at SLA headquarters at (703) 647-4900 or

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