It’s all about connection.

Sharing my message is a labor of love, and I’m always excited beyond words when someone decides to feature me in their work.

INTERVIEWs and Media Opportunities

I may be available to write or speak about any of the topics I cover on my site for your blog, podcast, conference, or other opportunity. I love the learning and connection that comes with interviews, and I especially enjoy sharing my take on:

  • Archival Management

  • Records Management

  • Information Governance

  • Project Management

  • Research Methodology

  • Consulting

  • Women’s Entrepreneurship

If you think your audience would enjoy my perspective or advice, I’d love to hear from you.



Articles and Interviews:

Regular Contributor to:


  • The Emptiest of Signs: Architecture as Zero-Degree Texts, Roland Barthes at 100, Cardiff University, 2015

  • Framing the Façade: Studium and Punctum in Architectural Photography, Doing Photography, Durham University, 2013

  • Building Degree Zero: Barthes and Architecture’s Empty Signs, Renaissance of Roland Barthes, CUNY Graduate Center, 2013

  • Thanatopsis: Seeing Death with Postmortem Photographs, The Art of Death and Dying, University of Houston, 2012

  • Foundations of Visual Literacy: Historic Preservation and Image Management, Visual Literacies, Oxford University, 2011

  • The Ambrotype’s Epoch in Photographic History, PhotoHistory XV, George Eastman House, 2011


I appreciate your interest, but I’m currently not looking for guest writers and I do not post advertisements, sponsored content, or product reviews on my site.