"Margot’s most striking qualities are energy, creative intelligence, and versatility. She’s an astute reader, an indefatigable researcher, and a fluent writer who’s as articulate in person as she is on paper."

"Guaranteed to offer a smart and clear-headed approach, Margot always gets the job done with efficiency and intelligence, and in a way that usually makes it seem easier than it surely is."

"We hired Margot to teach a Research Methods class for our students in the Women’s History Program at Sarah Lawrence and she has been a tremendous asset to our program. She demystifies the research process and empowers students, helping them to chart their own intellectual paths. Her passion for making information accessible is both palpable and contagious! Margot is the perfect combination: trained historian, certified librarian and archivist, and consummate professional." 

"Margot was so amazing this year. She was extremely helpful to us in class and through email. I would reach out to her often with questions about where to search for a particular piece of information and how to use my newfound skills in my other classes. Margot was always so attentive and I could tell how passionate she was about what she did. It was very admirable to witness. In class, she always made us feel heard and was kind and supportive of any and all input. She is a wonderful resource and I appreciated her time." 

Library Resources & Technical Services, the official journal of the Association for Library Collections & Technical Services, called Margot "the consummate project manager."