I'm Margot Note and I'm passionate about information. 

Margot Note | Fully qualified consultant in archives and library management with over 17 years experience

In my consulting practice, I help individuals and organizations harness their history. 

To provide clarity to complex problems, I offer the reference assistance of a librarian, the organizing expertise of an archivist, and the intellectual curiosity of a historian.

I facilitate archives and records management projects, suggesting ways to use collections to connect with people.

Margot Note Consulting LLC focuses on your needs and provides practical solutions

Achieve your goals by working with an expert.

You are unique and your problems merit distinct interventions. The approach we decide on will be tailored to your needs. My solutions are flexible and holistic; I advise on the high-level aspects of the project and am fully engaged with the detailed implementation of my strategies. Together, we focus on your critical needs and explore ways to achieve your goals. Throughout our project, you work directly with the principal: me. You always have access to the one who can make decisions and take actions immediately.

To offer the best service and undiluted attention, I only work with a few clients at a time. That way, I’m easily accessible and more familiar with your particular needs. I'm based in New York City and can work remotely or on site anywhere around the world. 

Using discretion, protecting my clients' privacy, and respecting the privilege of working with personal or sensitive documents are my priorities. I can sign non-disclosure, non-compete, and other documents readily. Your confidentiality is safeguarded with our privacy policy.

Our partnership is a collaborative effort. Your success is our success

Margot Note Consulting LLC has experience leading archives and records management projects with an array of institutions, including:

  • Colleges and universities

  • Art-based nonprofits and galleries

  • Historical preservation organizations

  • Home- and community-based health care organizations

  • Multidisciplinary museums

  • Media companies

  • Software companies

  • Religious organizations

  • Education advocacy nonprofits

  • Industry leaders, entrepreneurs, and business magnates

  • Private families, foundations, and individuals

"Margot’s most striking qualities are energy, creative intelligence, and versatility. She’s an astute reader, an indefatigable researcher, and a fluent writer who’s as articulate in person as she is on paper."

"Guaranteed to offer a smart and clear-headed approach, Margot always gets the job done with efficiency and intelligence, and in a way that usually makes it seem easier than it surely is."

"We hired Margot to teach a Research Methods class for our students in the Women’s History Program at Sarah Lawrence and she has been a tremendous asset to our program. She demystifies the research process and empowers students, helping them to chart their own intellectual paths. Her passion for making information accessible is both palpable and contagious! Margot is the perfect combination: trained historian, certified librarian and archivist, and consummate professional." 

"Margot was so amazing this year. She was extremely helpful to us in class and through email. I would reach out to her often with questions about where to search for a particular piece of information and how to use my newfound skills in my other classes. Margot was always so attentive and I could tell how passionate she was about what she did. It was very admirable to witness. In class, she always made us feel heard and was kind and supportive of any and all input. She is a wonderful resource and I appreciated her time." 

Library Resources & Technical Services, the official journal of the Association for Library Collections & Technical Services, called Margot "the consummate project manager."

Margot Note has 20 years of experience in information work in the national and international sectors. She is an author, a Certified Archivist, a Certified Records Manager, an Information Governance Professional, and Project Management Professional.  

She received her Master of Arts in Women's History from Sarah Lawrence College, and holds a Master's in Library and Information Science and Post-Master’s in Archives & Records Management, both from Drexel University. She is a 2016 Archives Leadership Institute cohort. 

She's a professor in the graduate Women's History program at Sarah Lawrence College and an Adjunct Assistant Professor in the Library and Information Science program at St. John’s University. 

Margot is distinguished by her unique array of skills—analytical, creative, archival, research, and writing—combined with years of experience in the private, public, and nonprofit sectors.