Save Your Memories Before It's Too Late

Everything you own and love will fall apart.

Archivists and preservation professionals try to slow down this process as much as possible. Lucky for you, you have access to the techniques utilized to save the finest and rarest artifacts to protect your family treasures.  

Of course, the best way to ensure that valuable items last is to seal them away. They will be protected from light, temperature and humidity fluctuations, contaminants, insects, mice, and people.

But then why keep your family items if you have to stash them away to protect them? People who work at archives, libraries, and museums around the world do their best to balance the need to display and use important items with the need to preserve them.

The same issues that threaten historical objects like the Declaration of Independence threaten your items: light, temperature, moisture, pollution, and mold. Even you, unknowingly, can damage your collections irreversibly.

In my book Creating Family Archives: How to Preserve Your Papers and Photographs, I provide an easy, step-by-step guide on how to protect your family history items. I unlock the secrets that professionals in the finest museums use to save their collections. By employing these methods, you can curtail the damage to your family collections and allow them to be passed on to the next generation.

To provide an overview of the primary sources of deterioration and their effect on your collectibles, I created this risk chart. You can look at your collectibles and, with the help of the chart, figure out where the greatest threats originate.

Are you ready to save your memories before it’s too late? Read Creating Family Archives: How to Preserve Your Papers and Photographs to learn what you can do to reverse or minimize these threats to your precious items. 

To learn the preservation secrets used by libraries, archives, and museums to protect their priceless materials (that you can also use for your family heritage items) read my book: 

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