Letter #17: Took Some Work Home

I'm continuing my series of scanning, transcribing, and annotating my grandfather's love letters to my grandmother leading up to their marriage in June 1940. The letters are chronologically organized and preserved, using the methods I discuss in detail in my book, , Creating Family Archives: How to Preserve Your Papers and Photographs

The 17th letter in the Grandpa's Love Letters series discusses work and, of course, travel plans for the upcoming weekend. 

A picture ripped from my Grandma's scrapbook. I'm assuming this was from the late 1930s in Paterson, NJ. 

A picture ripped from my Grandma's scrapbook. I'm assuming this was from the late 1930s in Paterson, NJ. 

I have a copy of my grandfather's resume from the mid-1950s. It's been helpful in providing some context to these letters. From his resume, Grandpa lists this experience from this period in his life:

Samuel J. Aronsohn & Sons, Inc.

183 Madison Avenue

New York, New York

Manufacturers of Silk and Rayon Dress and Tie Fabrics

From July 1, 1926 to April 1943

Employed at Paterson, N.J. Plant and Scranton, Pa., Plant

Positions held while in the employ of the above concern:

Floor Hand, Cloth Inspector, Sample Clerk, Stock Clerk, Production Clerk, Order Clerk, Production Supervisor and Expeditor. 

Grandpa was 14 when he started working at the factory. He finished 8th grade, and then took a year of night school at the local high school on Business English. He took nine years of night school at the Paterson Vocational School on Cloth Dissecting and Analyzing, Cloth Calculation, Designing: Shaft and Jacquard, and Traffic Management: Basic and Advanced. He also took a 1-year Advanced Rayon course at Columbia University (!). 


March 12, 1940

Scranton Pa.

Dear Ann, 

Although we got here early Sunday night after a pleasant ride I would much rather have stayed with you longer, before leaving. We got here at about 7.45 and Otto came in at about 8.45, he had left Paterson on the 4:32 o'clock train. As usual Fred brought something along to eat. This time was a special occasion as it was his birthday. 

It was decided that we would keep the same routine as last week therefore I still have the single bed and room to myself which I am rather glad of. 

The weather is much colder than it was for the past few weeks. However, the sun has been out for two full days now and it has not snowed in these two days. Last night I took some work home with me that was important therefore I did not write to you then. If things go as they have been going for the past two days I will have a good chance to Straighten out a number of things that I have had to put aside because of more important jobs. The meeting held in New York on Saturday has not affected me as yet but it may when future work comes through. 

I was just talking to Otto about coming home this weekend and he said that if he does go home he will leave early Saturday morning which will suit me a "T." However, since everything depends more or less on what may happen up to Friday noon-time, I can not let you know definitely beforehand. 

I must close not so good night "sweet heart."

I remain your ever loving sweet heart 


PS. Tell Joe I haven't had time to look at the stamps yet.



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